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We are fellowship trained micro-surgeons who specialize in vasectomy reversals and who are always accessible to you – from your first consultation through your recovery.

Vasectomy Reversals

Increasing numbers of men are coming to their urologists for vasectomy reversals.  Approximately 5% of men will decide to have their vasectomy reversed.  Some reasons for this include divorce/ remarriage and the desire to have more children.  Vasectomy reversal can be successful even if many years have passed since the original vasectomy.  Fortunately microsurgical advances are now resulting in improved pregnancy rates.

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Meet Dr. Sigman

Dr. Sigman is nationally recognized for his expertise in male infertility and sexual dysfunction. He is a member of the urology staff at both Rhode Island Hospital and Providence VA Medical Center as well as The Miriam Hospital, Women & Infants Hospital and Memorial Hospital of Rhode Island. Dr. Sigman is also the Co-Director of the Men’s Health Clinic based out of the Miriam Hospital.

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Meet Dr. Avellino