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Dr. Elias Hyams

Dr. Elias Hyams is an expert in the diagnosis and treatment of various urological cancers, male voiding dysfunction, and urinary tract obstruction. His clinical focus is in “risk-based” screening for prostate cancer, state-of-the-art diagnosis techniques such as image-guided biopsy, and minimally invasive surgery for prostate cancer. Dr. Hyams performs a high volume of robotic prostatectomies, a minimally invasive procedure to reduce morbidity and hasten recovery following prostate cancer treatment. Dr. Hyams also treats a range of benign and malignant urological conditions with endoscopic, laparoscopic and robotic surgery.

Dr. Hyams’ goal is to understand men’s preferences for screening and treatment of prostate cancer, and incorporate diverse types of testing (e.g. blood and urine biomarkers, prostate imaging, genetic testing) to determine the need for further care. He has contributed to the development of multiple “decision-aids” to improve screening and treatment decisions. This experience is critical to ensure men understand trade-offs and risks associated with prostate cancer detection and treatment, and make decisions that are best for them. Dr. Hyams works closely with other cancer providers in multi-disciplinary treatment of prostate cancer, as well as urology colleagues to optimize sexual and urinary function after treatment.